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Halloween Safety Ideas

HAVE FUN, STAY SAFE Halloween is here. Being Wednesday night, use extra caution and look out for kids on foot.Walkers everywhere. Here are some ideas on how to be safe during your activities. Wear reflective material as part of your costume. You can add reflective tape to different parts of your costume to illuminate you. Avoid venturing […]

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Holiday Awareness

The holidays are full of distractions, security concerns and an overall lack of our ability to seemingly juggle it all. Crooks, scammers and thieves know this and use it to their advantage. Top 2018 Holiday Security Concerns Packages on your door stoop Presents visible through your windows Break-ins Email and Phone scams If you did […]

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Back to School Safety 101 – Situational Awareness

In the age of the bullet-proof backpacks, you will forgive us for beginning school safety with a discussion of situational awareness. Many of us remember fire drills, tornado drills, even bomb drills, but kids in school today have started practicing the “active shooter” drill. Teachers are being trained that once you lock the door, that’s […]

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Top 3 Security Precautions for your Residence

Top 3 Security Precautions Points of Entry – Your front or back door can easily become your worst nightmare.  A weak barrier be easily compromised by force. Just answering the door for the wrong stranger could be a serious security precaution mistake. Luckily with proper coaching and some additional security measures there are ways to increase your […]

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