About Us

Strong Tower Security Consulting LLC


To quickly learn and understand a Client’s Safety and Security needs and develop flexible solutions tailored to their unique security and safety circumstances.


Ben Wyne, CEO, PSPĀ®, has over 30 Years of professional law enforcement and corporate security experience. His past professional work includes Albuquerque Police Department and Intel Corporation. As well as working for the many clients he currently serves. Learn more on LinkedIn

  • Board Certified Physical Security Professional (PSPĀ®) with ASIS International
  • Global perspective for safety and security threat and risk mitigation
  • Broad experience in managing physical security from large manufacturing facilities to business offices and residences
  • Utilize Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Principles that allow for common sense, flexible security solution
  • High End Resort in Santa Fe
  • Large Apartment Complex
  • Accounting Firms
  • Cannabis Production Facilities and Dispensaries
  • Large Religious Facility
  • Churches
  • Large Hospital Facilities
  • Engineering Firms



There should be an infrastructure within your business or organization to protect your employees, customers and visitors. The benefits of a strong physical security plan are numerous and can save your organization time, money, and most importantly, lives. There is a lot that we can not talk about due to the secrecy necessary to have a successful security plan, but there are some foundational principles at play for every situation.

  1. Access Control / Entry point restrictions

  2. Cameras and monitoring

  3. Lighting of dark areas accessed by customers and employees

  4. Physical Barriers and Perimeter Security