Real Security Expertise, Physical Security Successes

Strong Tower Security Consulting helps you find solutions

Real Security Expertise, Physical Security Successes

Strong Tower Security Consulting helps you find solutionsPhysical Security Successes for the New Year

Beyond the security guards we see protecting the inventory of Wal-mart or Costco, there should be an infrastructure within your business or organization to protect your employees, customers and visitors. The benefits of a strong physical security plan are numerous and can save your company time, money, and most importantly, lives. There is a lot that we can not talk about due to the secrecy necessary to have a successful security plan, but there are some foundational principles at play for every situation.

  1. Access Control / Entry point restrictions

  2. Cameras and monitoring

  3. Lighting of dark areas accessed by customers and employees

  4. Physical Barriers and Perimeter Security

We Expect the Unexpected

Strong Tower Security Consulting is here to help you achieve those successes in the new year. We understand that every business has unique needs when it comes to physical security, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide tailored solutions for each client. Certified experts will work with you to assess your current security measures and identify any potential vulnerabilities. From there, we will create a comprehensive plan that addresses these weaknesses and strengthens your overall security infrastructure.

Access Control / Entry point restrictions

One key component of an effective physical security plan is access control. This refers to the ability to control who enters your building or specific areas within it. With the use of advanced technology such as keycard systems and biometric scanners, you can help you limit access to authorized personnel only. This not only helps protect your business from external threats, but also ensures that sensitive areas or information are only accessible by those who have been granted permission.

Cameras and monitoring

In addition to access control, our team at Strong Tower Security also specializes in evaluating and recommending other surveillance and monitoring services. Recommendations may include adding CCTV systems, including high-resolution cameras and remote viewing capabilities. These cameras can be strategically placed throughout your property to provide 24/7 surveillance and recording of any suspicious activity. A monitoring service allows you to keep an eye on your property even when you’re not physically there, providing an extra layer of protection.

Lighting of dark areas accessed by customers and employees

Another common recommendation is lighting and fencing areas that may be tempting for thieves and dangerous for employees or customers.  By illuminating dark areas and securing them with fencing, you can deter potential criminals from entering your property. This also helps to create a safer environment for your employees and customers, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Physical Barriers and Perimeter Security

Physical barriers like fencing, walls and traffic controls can help reduce entry to your property.  This not only keeps intruders out, but also limits access to your property for vehicles and pedestrians. By controlling the entry points, you can better monitor who is coming and going from your premises.

  • Problem

  • Discovery

  • Analysis

  • Solutions

At Strong Tower Security Consulting, we expect the unexpected. We help prepare organizations for the crises that occur in the spur of a moment. One of the most critical problems in a critical situation is to delay. Delay in decisions, questioning whether they have the authority to act can lead to devastating consequences. Knowing clearly the chain of command and what the arsenal of response is at hand can save lives and reduce liabilities.

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