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Real Security Expertise, Physical Security Successes

Physical Security Successes for the New Year Beyond the security guards we see protecting the inventory of Wal-mart or Costco, there should be an infrastructure within your business or organization to protect your employees, customers and visitors. The benefits of a strong physical security plan are numerous and can save your company time, money, and […]

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Albuquerque Business Owners Discuss Break Ins

Let’s face it. One of the things Albuquerque tops the charts for is crime. It’s sad, but true. Criminals are hitting business owners in unexpected ways. There’s the brazen, like repeated vehicle drive throughs. The burglars have been crashing their vehicle through a store front, usually a gun store, and steal the weapons. And there […]

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Background Checks – Getting to know future employees

You’ve invested countless dollars into your brand, training your employees and running your business. When you are searching for and interviewing employees, you have to look as close as you can before hiring somebody. Background checks become a valuable tool to protect your brand, your employees and yourself. Background Checks You have to decide your […]

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Welcome to Strong Tower Security Consulting

Security is often viewed as being expensive, intrusive, inconvenient and generally a nuisance. Until something happens. Then it is invaluable, welcomed, necessary and relevant. “Everyone has a plan, until they get Hit” — Mike Tyson We provide Commercial and Residential Physical Safety and Security Risk Vulnerability Assessments. Personal Safety and Security Surveys. Warehouse and Inventory […]

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