Albuquerque Business Owners Discuss Break Ins

Let’s face it. One of the things Albuquerque tops the charts for is crime. It’s sad, but true. Criminals are hitting business owners in unexpected ways. There’s the brazen, like repeated vehicle drive throughs. The burglars have been crashing their vehicle through a store front, usually a gun store, and steal the weapons.

And there are the more subtle. One business owner shared that his video cameras caught someone unscrewing the lock to his shop’s front lobby entrance door. The perpetrator gained access to the shop. In the seven minutes he had before The Armed Response Team showed up, he made off with a photo camera and non-consequential items. This same shop has had the live copper electrical wire that powers his automotive repair shop, cut at the source to be stolen. As well as they have had gasoline tanks drilled so they could take the gas. There’s really no measure one shouldn’t be prepared for.

Shop Break Ins - Store owners share ideas

Sometimes they will simply remove the glass and come in through your windows. We’ve seen glaze cut, and sills opened. We’ve heard of stores gluing and screwing their windows to reinforce against break-ins. While nothing’s a sure thing, if you live in a high risk area, you may want to look at security screens, bars, or other deterrent measures to keep the burglars out.

If you need fresh eyes and ears on your business, schedule a security screening with Strong Tower. We can help you find the holes in your defenses and set you to the tasks of improving your business security.