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Strong Tower Security Safeguards your protection

“—We highly recommend Ben at Strong Tower and his services. He has an extensive background in law enforcement and security. Ben was thorough and made some simple and inexpensive recommendations that were easy to implement in a short amount of time. Other future considerations are in the process. He also educated us about protecting our home so we can make better choices in the future.” Lynn


  1. Home Security Home ImprovementHow easy is your home to physically breach?
  2. Do you have a dog? A security system? A camera system?
  3. Does your family have a home exit strategy for a fire or a home invasion?
  4. Do you have a safe space or a bug out location?
  5. Are there any blind spot / hiding spots that might need additional lighting or landscaping changes?

Security evaluations usually lead to more questions than these. Strong Tower Security consultants can help you navigate and evaluate your best modes of protection at home.

We start at the front curb and end at the back wall and look at everything in between!

  • Property survey
  • Exterior lighting evaluation
  • Landscaping assessment
  • Door and window security
  • Alarm system, camera assessments
  • Interior and exterior “hardening” strategies
  • Personal property security
  • Personal safety surveys and strategies
  • Security system install or upgrade management

CEOs, Attorneys, Doctors and Executives could all benefit from additional security in their homes.

If you are someone who does a lot of work from home or may have other reasons to be concerned about your families security and safety, give us a call. We can help you develop common sense approaches to steeling up your security and being prepared if crisis arrives.

We take a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) approach.

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