Secure Spring Home Improvement Review

Home Security Home Improvement

Spring cleaning and home improvements are popular as the weather changes for the better. As you are thinking about home improvements this year, keep your security in mind. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Doors are often the most vulnerable point of entry to your home, but modern technology allows us to now build stronger doors at an affordable price. You may want to consider a steel door and reinforced frames. One great product we discovered for door reinforcement is the Door Devil. This product is a door kit that can help slow or deter a door being kicked in.
  2. Screens can slow entry or prevent it all together. A good security screen on your windows and storm door can create a barrier that takes time to penetrate. If you slow down a criminal long enough, they move on to an easier target. Bars on your windows can also have the same effect, but if you don’t like the aesthetic, you should look into some of the screens available on the market.
  3. Skybell or other security camera doorbell. Improve your security. Know when a package is being delivered. Answer the door even when you are not home. These great new smart security products can really improve your opportunities.
  4. Barriers and Walls – There are two sides to a wall, literally, when it comes to security. They keep people out, but sometimes they can obscure somebody who is in. Know your blind spots as well as your entry points and reduce vegetation that can hide an intruder. Illuminate dark corners with motion lights and make sure that your barrier is the perfect hiding place for someone.
  5. Escape Routes –  For both fire and home invasion purposes, everyone in your home should know the plan for exiting the home. If there is only one entry point, then you should know which are the best windows to exit your home and understand the operation of your security screen or bar systems.

“You can’t ask people to trust you. It has to be earned by the things you do.” – Jeffery Gitomer