Product Review – Sky Bell

Sky Bell HD Silver Blue

Product Review – Sky Bell

Keep an eye on things with Sky Bell. You’ve heard a lot about a connected smart home, and that reality is now. This interactive doorbell allows you to see who is calling on you and interact with them when you are home or away.

We’ve been recommending and Installing a number of the Sky Bell units. The features are great. Whether you are home alone or away altogether, being able to talk to and see who is on your doorstep gives you a whole new level of security. – Ben Wyne, Owner of Strong Tower Security Consulting

Sky Bell HD Silver BlueThere are different styles and functions in the Sky Bell line. Fundamentally, you can interact with strangers or delivery folks right from your Sky Bell unit. This improved visibility and interactivity combined with other physical security measures  and precautions can help you and your home be smarter about your residential security.

If you find yourself saying, “Albuquerque has just made me feel less safe lately” you may want to step up your intelligence and make your home smarter. For less than $200 buck plus your smart phone, the Sky Bell has been performing above peoples expectations. If you want to add some awesomeness to your next home upgrade, contact us for an estimate. If you want to step up your physical security at home or at work, contact Strong Tower Security Consulting to contract a full evaluation and action plan.

Technology can do a lot to advance our safety, but there’s more to it than just equipment. Knowing how to respond to an emergency situation takes forethought and preparation. Your physical security is best protected by a combination of awareness, physical barriers and escape route. If you aren’t prepared for all three, you may not completely be secure.

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