Top 3 Security Precautions for your Residence

Top 3 Security Precautions for your Residence

Top 3 Security Precautions

  1. Security Precautions: Lights - illuminate bushes and dark corners for extra securityPoints of Entry – Your front or back door can easily become your worst nightmare.  A weak barrier be easily compromised by force. Just answering the door for the wrong stranger could be a serious security precaution mistake. Luckily with proper coaching and some additional security measures there are ways to increase your security and decrease your risks:
    • Think about adding a door reinforcement system. If that is out of your budget, we recommend a great product called the Door Devil that reinforces an existing door. “70% of Burglaries enter through the front door. Door Devil is the product used by US Embassy personnel.” Read Our Door Devil Product review
    • Use a smart doorbell, such as Skybell or Ring, and find out who is at the door and what their intent is before opening the door. Or if you are not home, you can interact as if you were.
  2. Security Precautions – The postal inspector has put together an article detailing what to look for when a package seems suspicious. It’s hard to imagine that someone would leave a bomb on your doorstep but that is exactly what the Austin bomber was up to. A good start is something like the Skybell noted above. A smart doorbell can help you manage who is on your front porch. However, this article will help you know what else to look for.
  3. Visibility – There is a common theme in Security surrounding residential landscaping. Beyond making your home look beautiful there is the deeper concern of eliminating hiding places for potential perpetrators. Reducing landscaping height, and illuminating dark corners is a start. Another strategy is to trim from the bottom up. If you leave the bottom of your plants exposed, you are less likely to have someone lurking in the bushes.So, light up dark corners and eliminate as many hiding spaces as you can.

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To learn more about security precautions for protecting your property or business, book a consultation with Strong Tower Security. Our consultation package includes a personalized inspection with an action item report. This can help you achieve a higher level of comfort and peace of mind in your home.

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