Personal Security Know Your Environment

stop the criminal before your security breaks down

Don’t get caught off guard. There are simple steps you can take to stay aware of your environment.

  • Don’t leave your car running in the driveway. If someone’s been watching your patterns, a running car is an irresistible mark.
  • Don’t park in dark or secluded spaces. After dark, get someone on the phone and stay alert. If you feel threatened have your friend get help. Hit your panic button on your car if necessary. Get to your vehicle with a purpose and get out of there.
  • Don’t panic. No matter what, stay calm. If you keep a clear head, you can find lots of opportunities to find safety.
  • If someone approaches you with a gun. Give them what they ask for. The last thing you need to get shot over is a couple hundred dollars or your iPhone.
  • Make sure your phone has find and erase functions turned on so that you can wipe a phone that has been stolen.