Balloon Fiesta Safety and Security Tips

Balloon Fiesta Safety Tips

Balloon Fiesta Safety and Security Tips

Balloon Fiesta Safety Tips

They are beautiful. Mornings full of Balloons as far as the eye can see and dozens of safety concerns. If you are a visiting traveller, participant or observer, there are precautions you should take coming and going from the events.

  • Drive safely. If you are behind the wheel pay attention. Albuquerque sees an uptick in fender benders during the Fiesta.
  • If a balloon has gone down in a power line, exercise extreme caution. Those on the ground risk completing the grounding of the current and causing a deadly connection. Stay clear and let professionals assist.
  • When parking, hide and stow valuables. Lean back chairs over valuables to slow window smash and grabs.
  • Travel with others you know. The mornings are dark and sometimes the walks are long to get into the park.

Lock down trailers with a wheel boot.

For Trailer Travelers: 

This is Albuquerque, so be prepared to protect your property.

  • Buy a hitch lock and a wheel boot. Keep burglars at bay from your trailer for under $100.
  • Take the extra time to park your vehicles in defensive positions. Block access to thieves with your vehicle or work with your neighbor to shore up your perimeter.
  • Buy hardened locks for doors, chests and accessories.


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